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Join the Pirates of Cartagena on boat tour as we sail the same waters of the Pirates who founded our city over 400 years ago aboard the Pirate Ship La Fantastica Cartagena

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La Fantastica Cartagena is the only replica pirate ship that has daily boat tours in Cartagena. We have day trips, sunset cruises, private parties, and after dark boat tours to fit every itinerary. 

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Cartagena is a city founded on Piracy. Our founder Pedro Heredia left Spain in search of his fourtune after an uncovered affair threatened to dishonor his families name and reputation.

The Spanish Crown then paid off the English Pirate Sir Francis Drake, who caused havoc on the city in a siege lasting over a month, where he burnt down over half of the city.

After rebuilding and fortifying the Crown Jewel of the Spanish Caribbean, the Cartageneros fought of the French, and then defeated the English during the War of Jenkin’s Ear. 

The best way to experience everything that Cartagena has to over is to jump on a pirate ship and sail the same seas as our founding pirates!

Aye! Matey! See you on board, hopefully you won’t have to talk the plank!

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A Boat Tour with a Look Inside the world of Pirates

Tour below deck and imagine sharing the space with 30 dirty, stinky, grumpy pirates.

Although we sailed from Boston, to Fort Lauderdale with a crew of 5, and then had a mutiny where three crew members were forced to walk the plank and be replaced for the trip across the Bahamas, to Haiti, and then down to Cartagena a typical pirate crew on a boat this size would have thirty to fifty men helping them overpower other sail boats they were attempting to capture. 

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